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Life is full of possibilities. At Ultimate Possibilities we embrace life and all the challenges it offers.

We are a team of people who do not settle for the norm or the average, so we opened UP. We want to deliver the ultimate experience to our clients every time. We have over 25 years in the business of real estate both in the commercial and residential sectors, but, experience without growth is simply experience and that’s only one ingredient we believe necessary to get you the best result.

Our philosophy is simple; we are here to give you the best service you could ask for and get you the best outcome you could hope for.

Every real estate company says they are different, which may be true – some are.

Here’s why we are:- We are passionate about the Peninsula and we mean really passionate. None of us come from here – we all discovered it and loved it so much we stayed and now we’ve opened up our own agency to deliver the Ultimate experience to you.

Our backgrounds are diverse: our Administration Manager, Marshall is an Interior Designer by profession and what a gift he is to us all. He will be there for you when you’re looking for the ultimate touch to drive up the ultimate price. George, one of our leading agents has an extensive background in construction and residential building. He hails from Melbourne and has been selling property on the Peninsula for the last 18 months and we are delighted he is part of the UP TEAM. Marnie our principal has been a Chief Executive for many leading corporations and has sold over $700 million worth of homes. She loves real estate and her clients love her.

TEAM UP WITH UP and achieve Ultimate Possibilities.

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Why Use A Home Loan Calculator?

Why Use A Home Loan Calculator?

The Federal Reserve is looking to reverse the historically low interest rates that it set during the current year. Because the economy has stabilized itself to a degree, the Fed is looking to crystallize the economy in its current state in order to avoid inflation. If you are looking to buy a home in the current state of this economy, you will need a home loan calculator more than ever!

Previous generations of homebuyers did not have the ability to use a free online home loan calculator www.loans.com.au/calculators/home-loan . In order to find out there potential expenses, they had to go to an expensive real estate agent or banker. Invariably, these professionals would charge for their services, and sometimes, they would not even bring back the appropriate answers. As the economy develops, interest rates fluctuate. It is also true that home prices in different areas move as well. Homebuyers in the past were not able to keep up with this real-time movement, but you can with a home loan calculator.

A home loan calculator also gives you leverage as you go into banks actually looking for a loan. Bankers do not expect you to have as much information as they do. They use their leverage to spike up the loan a few percentage points so that they can make a profit. However, if you actually have the information, they will not be able to do this. You will know exactly what interest rate is being charged on the market. You will also be able to bring this information in improve your claims, so your bankers will have to deal with market value or not at all.

Having this information for real estate agents is just as important. Because agents are usually hooked into banks, you will need to exercise your right to information in order to pick a good agent. Agents do not normally have your best interests at heart – the bank has much more money, and they do business with the bank on many occasions. However, if you use a home loan calculator, you can force the issue more in your favor.

Take the few seconds out of your day to use a free home loan calculator so that you can make A more informed decision about the real estate that you can afford and how much you will be paying for the privilege. When it comes to a huge investment such as a home, you need to have as much information as you possibly can going in. This is the only way to make a financially stable purchase and get the Loans.com.au Home Loans that you want.

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Should You Refinance Home Loan Contracts?

Should You Refinance Home Loan Contracts?


As all Australians – at least those that haven’t been living under a rock since they were born – already know, homes are expensive in the Land Down Under. Typically, people would determine their repayments through Home Loan Calculator Loans.com.au before taking out a loan. Making things worse for people seeking out new homes or lightly used residences is that, because debt is at an all-time high among Australian consumers, most consumers don’t mind taking on even more debt in the name of a mortgage.

Chances are, most people that seek out home loans in Australia find positives to refinance home loans. Let’s go over the most basic ways to refinance home loans, why Aussie consumers tend to refinance home loans more often than not, and other tidbits related to the need to refinance home loans.

There Are Two Major Ways To Refinance Home Loans

First and foremost, defining what refinancing means is important for consumers to understand. The words refinance and re-fi are mentioned far too often in financial services. Even though they’re so popular, far too many Aussies – not just Aussies, but everyone around the world – don’t understand them.

Re-fi is simply short for refinance. When people sign an agreement to pay installments towards the ownership of something over time, that’s a financing agreement.

To refinance home loans is to structure debt, equity, payments, disbursements, and royalties in a way that’s beneficial for lessees. Typically, everyone involved benefits in one way, or another.

Without further ado…

  • In-house refinancing keeps Loans.com.au Refinance Home Loans contacts within the same organization that originally created, sponsored, and signed them. This typically involves more structure c
  • External refinancing involves taking the mortgage agreement away from the financial institution that originally sponsored it. This method is typically used to find lower interest rates, sweeter packages, and better business partners to work alongside.

Why Exactly Do So Many Aussies Refinance Home Loans?

There’s no hiding the average consumer’s worries of rising consumer debt. Because debt has become so “normal” in today’s Australian landscape, the average dollar value of mortgages has consistently increased over the years because home loans are somewhat like “free money,” in the vein consumers get to use them now, but don’t register the reality of them until later.

As such, many Aussies start off their mortgages with poor terms. Over the following few years, these once-struggling consumers find it possible to save money, potentially shorten mortgage terms, and otherwise prosper from restructured home loans, all thanks to those who refinance home loan contracts.

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